Radio Ranginkaman (Radio Rainbow) is a media platform for Iranian, Afghan and Tajik LGBTQI communities. The station broadcasts programs on digital platforms but also on shortwave radio and via satellite to reach people in rural areas, especially in Iran and Afghanistan, where the internet is restricted or not accessible.

Radio Ranginkaman (Radio Rainbow) started broadcasting its programs in October 2012. Initially, it only broadcast half an hour of programs every week, but gradually the number of hours increased. Now we are on air every day.

The station is run by a decentralized network of LGBTQI citizen journalists and storytellers working from inside the countries or LGBTQI refugees i neighbouring countries like Turkey. Radio Ranginkaman also benefits from international experts, civil society, human rights and LGBTQI activists worldwide to inform and educate its listeners in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan.

Radio Ranginkaman broadcasts a very colourful variety of shows, including News bulletins, roundtables, on-air counselling, educational programs about HIV and STDs, sex education, legal programs, music, art and culture.

The station’s primary purpose is to connect members of the oppressed LGBTQI communities via airwaves.

From the beginning, Ranginkaman focused on empowering, educating, and informing its listeners with content produced locally in the community and internationally by experts. Ranginkaman gives what LGBTQI+ listeners cannot access locally.

If you are interested to support the activities or you would like to contact us, please send us an email contact@radioranginkaman.org